Love of the Hobby

At Living Reef Orlando, we believe in the beauty and preservation of all aquatic life. The health and well being of our animals goes far beyond our top priority. We are with our customers every step of the way. As leaders in the industry, we are equipped with the highest quality of supplies and services - from dry goods, to a diverse selection of exotic tropical fish and coral.

With You All the Way

Knowledge is the core source of our business. Knowledge has allowed us to become innovators in the industry with inventive ideas and practical new approaches. With this, we are able to provide our customers with everything they need to build a stunning and healthy marine aquarium.

Meet the team

Alex Barreto

Owner/ Chief Executive Officer
Over 15 years experience in reef keeping and expansive knowledge in aqua culturing corals.

Ann Yoang

Online Division/ Public Relations
Vast knowledge of the ins and outs of owning a saltwater aquarium, from water chemistry to livestock care and maintenance.

Jeremy Mixon

General Manager
Zoa enthusiast and a true lover of the reefs, customer relations is his top priority.

Shaun Jardine

Aquaculture Specialist
A keen eye for rare and exotic livestock, and a beast when it comes to propagating corals.

Luis Marrero

Installation and Service Technician
Specializing in Maintenance and Installations, Luis treats each tank he takes care of as if it were his own.

Carlos Barreto

Product Manager
Specializes in staying up to date on product knowledge and inventory.
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